A CPA For Real Estate Investors

A CPA and Expert Advisor for Real Estate Owners and Investors

Cunningham CPA for Real Estate investors helps owners of all shapes and sizes build, maintain and optimize their portfolio.  With end to end experience in real estate accounting and lifecycle Cunningham CPA provides insight and advice that extends well beyond "green eyeshade" accounting.  Covering residential and commercial real estate. 

Representative services include:

 -  Tax Preparation and filing

 -  Accounting outsourcing

 -  Accounting system selection and design

 -  Cost Segregation and MACRS classification

 -  Pro-forma financials and scenario development

 -  Financial optimization and capital structure analysis

 -  Loan reviews

 -  Rehabilitation cost estimates, contract reviews, and progress payment reviews

 -  Construction cost audits

 -  Financial planning, budgeting and analysis

 -  Proforma financials and scenario development

 -  Opportunity Zone / Opportunity Fund filings

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