Forensic Accounting & Financial Disputes

Achieve Clarity Regarding Financial Disputes

Cunningham’s forensic and specialty services address issues with high potential for conflict and litigation. Accurate analysis with clear conclusions, completed with objectivity and integrity from beginning to end are critical to such engagements.  Cunningham can form opinions on value or damages, as well as review and debunk flawed opinions of others.


Cunningham CPA offers financial mediation services to help divorcing couples settle financial questions in an equitable and tax efficient way without the costs and risks of litigation. Mediated divorce settlements offer a degree of care, understanding and tax efficiency that is not available in any courtroom.

Cunningham CPA offers financial forensic consulting when a divorcing party is suspected or accused of hiding income or assets, or when the parties are unable to agree on asset values or other financial questions related to the divorce.


Cunningham CPA offers contractors, sub-contractors, and construction owners / buyers services related to construction claims, preparation, rebuttal and avoidance.  Cunningham CPA offers damage assessment and valuation for a range of construction claims to support litigation.

For construction claims that are too small for full litigation, or when parties remain on good terms and desire an objective referee regarding financial disagreements, Cunningham offers fast, accurate and affordable binding arbitration. 


Cunningham CPA helps creditors and debtors through every stage of the bankruptcy process, including identification and tracing of assets and income, form preparation, and liquidity assessments. 

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